Antwerp Art Collective


The very first time there was an exposition from all members from the Antwerp Art Collective in Business Centre “Het Interium” in Bergen op Zoom Netherland.

There were several solo expositions from Ingrid van Treeck, Jacobi Bartelse, Annelies van Meel, Lieve van Gerven and Roelie Stappenbeld with their paintings in severall Belgium offices from assurance firm Ethias,

in Antwerp, Malines, Merksem, Turnhout and Hasselt.

A joint exposition was organised by FEDOS in senior and rehabilisation centre “De Dennen” in Malle (Belgium).


Here are some photos taken in several Ethias offices.

Photos publiced by aprove of Mr. Rudi Blauwbloeme.

Added photos from the start of the exposition in

senior and rehabilisation centre “De Dennen” in Malle,

made by Ben Goossens