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Lieve van Gerven

Creativity always did fascinated me!

At the IKO in Hoogstraten (Belgium) I started painting in Oilpaint on canvas.

At the Royal Academy for fine arts in Antwerp I finshed with succes my studies Drawing, Painting and my degree in specialisation DKO.

Meanwhile I take courses in model and portrait, and Aquarell painting and making figures in clay. Also making little figures in bronze in the lost wax technics.

My favorite sources of inspiration are people, nature and the sea. I was a choir member for 30 years in the oratoro choir in Antwerp. This is why I paint emotions braught me by this music. And the moving of waves gives me much inspiration. When I am touched by something or someone, I want to figure it on a canvas or on something else.

I like most to paint with oil- or acrylic paint and I prefer to work on linen.





Antwerp Art Collective