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Monique Robert RoberttBartelse

I may say, I became fascinated by the sea because of our family vacations at the Belgian coast.

I feel very happy when I am busy with drawing or painting.

It was not easy to undergo education in my aldult life, because I had my job.

On the Antwerp academy I studied several years in art painting. Drawing I keep practising for myself.
Now I am a senior, many times I paint the sea as a metafor for life.  The calm and peace bringing water But sometimes the water can be raging, mysterous, unpredictable and treatening.
Creativity on this age is now possible.
Many techniques and materials are now available for me like aquarel, oil and acryl. Even a nice big stone can be used for making a wobbly sea.

Possiblities are endless, like the field of vision from the sea.





Antwerp Art Collective